You have probably heard about the newest technological advance available to businesses everywhere. Online meetings seem to be all the rage. But is this a trendy phase that will go the wayside in a few months? Or are online meetings here to stay? What is the future of this new technology?

Devotees of online meetings will tell you that they cannot imagine how they conducted business before this technology came along. The old way of doing business-traveling to a site to conduct business face-to-face-seems so archaic now. People who have experienced the advantage of online meetings will be quick to point out that this technology is definitely to here to stay. No one who has made the switch would ever consider going back.

Virtual meetings can do more than just drive down expenses and eliminate the need for travel-both of which are substantial benefits in and of themselves. Those advantages of meeting online are pretty enticing. Employers love being able to cut costs dramatically by reducing the costs of meeting face-to-face, which can include everything from travel costs-airfare, taxi fees, and hotel accommodations-or even the cost of catered lunches and dinners. But meeting online has so many other benefits, you can be sure the future of business includes online meetings.

One of the many benefits is being able to schedule meetings ahead of time. But another use of them is the spontaneous meeting. With many web conferencing providers, you can start a meeting with the click of a button. This is especially handy when you are in the midst of a business call and it becomes obvious that you could be so much more efficacious if only you could both be viewing the same document. At one time you would have had to suspend the call and set up a face-to-face meeting. But those days are gone. You can simply keep going with your call, but meet online. Both of you can view the same document and have a powerful conversation about it.

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