In eLearning, creating relevant and meaningful experiences for your target audience has always been the best way to capture learners. On the contrary, if your learners have no interest in your course, the information you have sent will convey very little value and success…

We often hear a lot about creating engaging and compelling courses; and we get to know a bunch of tips on building interactive learning experiences and all of that. That’s also part of the equation of course, but if you want to create engaging courses you should start considering one main factor: relevance. This means creating compelling courses that speak directly to your audience.

Much experience through trials of eLearning has identified the best way to teach students is to focus on the relevance of course material; too much theory that extends beyond the tasks they will actually be responsible for confusing the situation, or at the very least, retarding the utility of the course. When time is a premium – which it always is – the best eLearning courses make sure that the instruction that follows is directly applicable to the subsequent tasks.

Moreover, studies reveal that relevance is by far the most reported successful motivator when taking an eLearning training session. Basically, when content is meaningful to the audience they become interested in learning and completing a course.

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