The internet is a very significant invention of modern science. Email is a very important part of the internet system. Email is a content of internet by which a person can continue his/her business, communication and sending important data. However, in recent years the email is not safe from cyber criminals. Every day lots of people become victims of cyber criminals.

Connecting computer with internet is unsafe now. Trojans, malware, worms, viruses, spyware, and spam are spreading everyday all over the world via emails. The virus writers are using the email as a good media for spreading viruses.

Actionable steps to protect email

The primary measures for securing email account are to be careful in the selection of passwords, backups of data, and permissions for file transfer. These measures are not all the security of an email account. At the present time email user should also use anti adware, antivirus software, anti-spyware, personal firewall, and software for browsing. This software is available on the market. Some of them are available to everyone without any cost and some of them are packed which are available at a higher rate. Among these are some software operated by the operating system of a computer on an automatic basis, and some software works on the command of the user. The operator can control its work by command. Therefore, this software depends on the effectiveness of the operator.

In the case of protection of a computer, firewall is in first place. Firewall has a particular process. Here it only allows the computer to connect with trusted websites. All software and hardware works here like a fence surrounding the computer. Software and hardware firewalls use different methods to keep the computer and the network safe. Users can also set the working procedure of the firewall. The user can also allow some exceptional websites and program which at the first time was not allowed. In modern times, the virus creators are using email to spread viruses all over the world. They attach different virus affected files to an email. When the user opens it and activates it, and then the virus can cause complete damage to the computer.

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