Web readers are becoming much more discerning these days. They know more than they used to and are less fooled by the tricks of marketers. If you conduct research in any capacity online, you’ve no doubt discovered it’s quite a daunting task. In fact, you could say it’s become quite a beast.

If you create content for your website (or other peoples’) basing that content on a simple Google search is simply not going to cut it. After all, if you were to write an article or a post based on that basic search, why can’t the visitor to the website do the exact same search as you did? What value was actually added by you doing that?

This is not to suggest that there is no use for Google in your research, there is. Google has some really extensive advanced operators that can streamline your research. You still may need more than that. But an advanced search will more than likely be a better one than a standard search. It is definitely worth learning advanced Google searching no matter what other resources you may use.

Another aspect of a basic Google search that often gets in the way are pages that disguise themselves as useful information but a nothing more than extended sales pages. Google and other search engines are getting wise to this but it still shows up rather steadily in our searches.

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